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Did you know that the State of California already has an estate plan for anyone who fails to prepare or update one for themselves…and it doesn’t protect you or your loved ones in the way you would want?

It is essential that you feel confident and sure about the estate plan you have in place and we can help!

Imagine the peace of mind you will have when your estate plan (Will and Trust) is completed and your assets and family are protected and safe.

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  • Ensure your minor children will never be placed in the care of strangers during a sudden emergency or serious illness
  • Avoid a long and expensive court process (known as probate) that would cost your loved ones’ tens of thousands of dollars
  • Protect your family members’ inheritances from creditors, predators, future marriages, and lawsuits
  • Make your medical wishes known and ensure they are followed
  • Leave behind far more than just money

“I first heard about Meier Law Firm through an event at work, Laura Meier spoke about the importance of setting up a trust and its legal implications. My husband and I were dreading setting up our family trust but we still decided to make an appointment because Laura’s presentation was so compelling. We met with Jonathan Johnson, the company’s COO & Intake Paralegal. He explained the importance of the document, laid out the process in clear and simple terms, and pointed out the different details on how to make it as solid as a document as possible. Added bonus, he’s very funny!

Bonnie Johnson- yes, they’re married- is the firm’s Client Services Director and she helped us throughout the whole process. She was very patient in answering all of our questions and reminding us of each next step we needed to take. She is very thorough, exactly what you need when you are essentially laying out the future of your family in the unfortunate event you cannot be there to witness it.

High expertise combined with excellent customer service!”

— Mona M., Los Angeles, CA

Our Trust and Probate Administration Process

1 Book a Planning Session
First, you’ll attend a planning session with us to discuss your child’s needs and your options.
2 Create a Customized Plan
We’ll identify what legal strategies will work best for your family to create a customized plan.
3 Gain Peace of Mind
You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your family and assests are protected from unforeseeable circumstances.
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“Some things are not easy or fun to talk about. Like wills and family trusts and what will happen when you’re gone. This law firm was absolutely FANTASTIC. It was like working with a family. You are always with the right person at the right time. Laura Meier was our counsel on our will and family trust. She is incredible. Josh Meier is our counsel for addressing tax issues. You are introduced to the process, their model of pulling things together by their team… primarily Bonnie and Jonathan Johnson. We immediately felt comfortable with everyone on the team. In less than 6 weeks, we have a perfect binder with our completed family trust. We will continue to work with Laura and Josh for all our legal needs. If you want personal AND professional services, this is a great law firm. They are conveniently located in the Fashion Island complex. Please feel free to send me any questions!!”

— Rob L., Orange, CA.

Workshops & Events

Estate Planning Musts
During the Pandemic—Wills,
Trusts, & Peace of Mind!


No one wants to think about getting seriously ill or dying, but these are scenarios we must prepare for to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our money, especially during the pandemic. With courts closed and hospitals prohibiting loved ones from sitting by your bedside, we will show you step by step how to legally formalize your wishes and ensure they will be followed, bringing you total protection and peace of mind!

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Resources for Estate Planning

“I’m a business litigation attorney, and my husband and I used Laura for our estate and family planning. Laura is knowledgable, experienced, and thorough. I was so impressed with how efficiently her office handled everything. Her office goes the extra mile to ensure your family is protected. I would absolutely recommend Laura!!”

— Natalie T., Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, CA

Feel confident and safe knowing that your family is taken care of – no matter what.

Create an estate plan with the Meier Law Firm today.

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