Legal ‘Must-Do’s’ Before Leaving Your Kids In Someone Else’s Care

Chances are you’ve left your kid with someone for an extended period of time, or plan to at some point.When our son’s friend, Gustave stayed with us from France, there were extra considerations to address beyond buying a trundle bed.

Before you leave your child in someone else’s care, there are legal considerations you should address.

Here are 5 Legal Must-Do’s before leaving your kids in someone else’s care, or before you commit to caring for someone else’s child:

  1. Appointment of Short-Term Guardian Form. Unlike a Will or Temporary Guardian Form that addresses who can care for your kids if you are hurt or pass away, the Appointment of Short-Term Guardian Form allows you to give current, temporary power, for a set amount of time, to another adult who will be caring for your child in your absence. It can authorize everything from allowing you to travel with the child, to making their medical decisions, to a HIPAA Authorization. It also contains an important clause about the short-term guardian agreeing to surrender the child back to you immediately upon your request, and takes into account what happens if there is a conflict between this form and your Will.
  2. Emergency Contacts Beyond You and the Short-Term Guardian. If you are placing your child in the care of someone other than a family member, it’s important that you know how to contact their closest relatives/friends, and visa versa. This is in the rare care something happens to one of you, and you need to communicate with an emergency contact.
  3. An Updated Estate Plan. Before you and your child separate, whether for the day or for a trip, it’s important to have plans in place in case anything should happen to you. A proper estate plans addresses who can care for your kids in an emergency or permanently, how your money and assets can go to them without having to go through a long and expensive court process known as probate, and how medical decisions are made, just to name a few of the important considerations addressed. Make sure family or friends know where these important documents are kept.
  4. Emergency Cards. Make sure everyone in your family carries emergency contact cards that list out your information, and your closest relatives or friends who you’ve authorized to care for your kids in an emergency. This way first responders can locate these important people to help with the kids during an emergency.
  5. A Personal Relationship with a Family Trust Attorney. Most of us have a hard enough time managing the itinerary for a trip, let alone getting all our ducks in a row before a vacation. Let your Newport Beach trust attorneys know before you take a trip or send your kids to someone else’s care for an extended time so we can make sure all of your documents and protections are in place. This way everyone can enjoy their special experience worry free.

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