Faith-Based Estate Planning for Catholics

Guided by Grace: Your Catholic Estate Planning Journey

At the Meier Law Firm, we understand that your faith and values shape every aspect of your life and should equally influence how you plan for the future. Inspired by our founder, Laura Meier, Esq.’s book, “Guided by Grace: A Catholic Journey through Wills, Trust, and Estate Planning,” we are proud to offer customized legal services that integrate your Catholic values with sound legal strategies.

Why Choose Faith-Based Estate Planning?

Many Catholic families overlook the spiritual dimension of estate planning, treating it as solely a secular affair. We believe that God has a profound plan for you and your loved ones, which includes guiding you through the establishment of an estate plan that honors both your faith and your familial obligations. Our approach ensures that your spiritual beliefs are woven into the very fabric of your legal documents, providing peace of mind and divine protection in times of need.

Our Faith-Based Services Include:

Wills and Trusts: Receive guidance and create documents that honor your religious values while ensuring your assets are handled according to your wishes.

Catholic Healthcare Directives: Craft directives that reflect the teachings of the Church, ensuring that your care decisions uphold the sanctity of life.

Spiritual Care Planning: Arrange for your spiritual needs, ensuring that you receive pastoral care in critical times.

Guidance on Church Teachings Regarding Asset Disposition:

Understanding the Church’s stance on the stewardship and distribution of assets is crucial. We provide faith-based guidance on how to structure your estate in a way that respects Catholic teachings on charity, stewardship, and ethical considerations. This includes advising on tithing, donations to the church and your favorite charitable organizations, and ensuring that your legacy honors your moral obligations to your family while supporting the spiritual and material welfare of the greater good.

Unique Healthcare Directives:

Our customized healthcare directives respect the dignity of life as taught by the Catholic Church, ensuring that both your medical and spiritual needs are addressed during a crisis. These directives are designed to provide comprehensive care that aligns with Catholic ethics, safeguarding your body and soul.

Schedule Your Initial Planning Session:

Are you ready to align your estate planning with your Catholic beliefs? Contact us today to schedule an initial planning session with a member of our team. Be sure to mention that you are interested in faith-based estate planning. Together, we will ensure that your estate plan not only meets legal standards but also reflects your deepest spiritual values.

  • Have a goal-based plan that is customized for your unique needs
  • Reduce and mitigate taxes
  • Your unique circumstance
  • Get assistance on gift and estate tax, property tax, capital gains tax, income tax, and more
  • Have peace of mind knowing your tax plan is done right and your assets are protected
  • Gain access to the most up-to-date legal tax advice and strategies
  • Use the tax savings to grow your wealth and create the quality of life you want.

Our Simple Tax Strategy Process

1. First, we listen.

When you schedule a planning session with us today, we will listen with compassion and care to help you understand your options then recommend your next best steps.

2. Design & Implement Your Plan

Each plan or strategy we offer is customized to your personal family needs using a personable and complete process to provide the best tax strategies and protections available for your family.

3. Support for Life

When you work with us, you become family. You will have a lifelong relationship with a family trust attorney that you can continue to turn to if your assets or the law changes.

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Hire the Meier Law Firm for your tax strategy needs and reduce or eliminate unnecessary taxes.

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