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Palo Alto Wealth And Income Statistics

According to Data USA, the median income in Palo Alto is $174,003. This average only increased in the past year. Residents certainly invest in properties, as the average home in Palo Alto is $2,000,000. Amassing wealth to this level is something to be proud of, as this property value is about 8 times the national property value.

We understand—nobody enjoys imagining what will happen when they are no longer here. However, the truth is that having a plan in place could shield your loved ones from stress and financial loss they will no doubt experience if they are forced to go through probate. Safeguard your loved ones, property and possessions now by creating a plan today. Speak with an accomplished Palo Alto estate planning lawyer right away.

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Palo Alto, CA Limited Conservatorship Attorney

We believe in protecting those who are the most vulnerable. An adult in California is given the legal authority to make choices for a loved one with special needs through a limited conservatorship. Consult with one of our knowledgeable Palo Alto conservatorship attorneys if you’re thinking about a conservatorship  for your young adult child with special needs.

Experienced Elder Law Attorney

Even with good medical insurance to cover any urgent medical needs, you or a loved one might not be ready for a prolonged disability that requires specialized medical care. Medicare coverage does not cover skilled nursing home care for the long-term, and Medi-Cal only assists the extremely poor. Some people don’t know the implications of other estate planning on their Medi-Cal eligibility.

The Palo Alto estate planning attorneys specializing in elder care can assist you in making plans to safeguard your assets with a proper estate plan if the health of a loved one deteriorates and long-term care if needed.

Palo Alto, CA Trust Attorney

We can find a trust structure that suits your lifestyle, needs, and wishes. Here are a few options you could consider.

Living Trust

The trust’s assets are available for use by the trustor for as long as they live. The assets pass to the chosen beneficiaries following the death of the trustor. Living trusts typically avoid probate court, one of their main advantages.

Testamentary Trust

Usually, a person’s will establishes a testamentary trust. After drafting a final will and testament, estate executors frequently create a testamentary trust. They comprise an arrangement designed for the beneficiary’s advantage following the trustor’s passing.

Charitable Trusts

Here, the trustor names a non-profit organization as the beneficiary of a charitable trust. Think of charities you donate to in your lifetime. Olive Crest, Unlimited Possibilities, California State Fullerton Philanthropic Foundation, and CSULB 49er Foundation can be named beneficiaries. Named assets will be given to the organization after your passing.

Irrevocable Trust

In an irrevocable trust, the creator establishes a trust that cannot be changed or amended during the trustor’s lifetime. The tax efficiency of irrevocable trusts is higher than in a revocable trust, and irrevocable trusts can allow you to qualify for  Medi-Cal benefits even if you have money.

Revocable Trust

The main advantage of revocable living trusts is that they can be altered, revoked, or terminated by the trustor during their lifetime. The trust assets will be distributed to additional beneficiaries after the decedent’s passing.

A trust is the preferred alternative to a will in most circumstances, since a will does not avoid the California probate process.. When you speak to a Palo Alto estate planning attorney, bring a list of your assets. An expert California trust attorney will advise you on the best course of action.

Estate Planning Resources in Palo Alto, CA

Superior Court of Santa Clara County

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Redmond Accounting Inc.

Taxes are a major consideration when making estate planning decisions. From yearly income tax filing to tax guidance on your business holdings, Redmond Accounting Inc. can assist you with all of your tax issues.

Redmond Accounting Inc.
655 Oak Grove Ave #996, 
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Appraisals Only

Knowing the value of all your assets and property is one component of estate planning. To ensure that your estate plan is created with appropriate property value information, the experts at Appraisals Only can assist with the appraisal of your home and other properties.

Appraisals Only
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Palo Alto Wealth Advisors

You must manage assets if you want to ensure that your loved ones will be taken care of for years to come. To guarantee that your wealth continues to increase steadily for the benefit of the following generation, you can get advice on investments and your financial situation from the specialists at Palo Alto Wealth Advisors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my house to someone in my will?

You can usually designate someone as the beneficiary for your house so long as you do not own that home jointly with another person. Ask your Palo Alto estate planning attorney more about this.

What happens if I don't make an estate plan?

Without a plan, California intestacy laws determine how your assets will be distributed. This will exclude non-family members altogether and certain family members if you have a spouse and children. It also requires your family to go through a long and expensive court process known as probate to inherit your assets.

Am I able to inherit if I was adopted and my parent died without a will?

In Palo Alto, California, adopted children are treated the same as biological children. Your inheritance is secured under Cal. Prob. Code § 6451.

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