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You’re raising a family, so you know that failing to plan is indeed planning to fail. One forgotten sunscreen bottle or a mishap in scheduling after-school activities, and the whole thing goes belly-up. That’s why when it comes to your family’s future, you want to put a fail-safe plan in place that ensures they’ll be taken care of no matter what.

That’s the power of estate planning.

It ensures that everything falls into place in your absence, reducing the chance of arguments and financial issues down the road. It’s the final act of love should anything happen to you, and it ensures that everything and everyone you care about is secure. Book a planning session with a Long Beach estate planning attorney today.

  • Get the quality care your parents need
  • Relieve the family member caregiver
  • Protect your family assets from being depleted on care
  • Understand and maximize the hidden benefits of Medi-Cal and VA Benefits Planning
  • Work with a team who will treat your family how we would want our parents to be treated
  • Help your aging loved ones retain their financial security and age with dignity
  • Gain a family trust attorney for life - when you work with us you get a support system you can turn to no matter what

What’s Included in an Estate Plan?

Good estate planning ensures that in the event of your death, the things you own go to the right people, in the right amounts, with the least cost and delay. And since your family is one of a kind, your estate plan will be too—which is why we offer a variety of quality estate planning services that help you put your family first.

Here’s what may be included in your plan.


When you think about estate planning, you probably think of a last will and testament. That’s because a will is one of the most basic legal documents you can have—and a good starting point for those who are brand new to estate planning. It’s a list of instructions about your final wishes—beneficiaries, guardians for minors, funeral arrangements, etc.—but since it doesn’t provide many functions outside of that, it won’t be sufficient to meet all of your estate planning needs.


Like a will, a revocable living trust also names beneficiaries. When you put your money into a trust, you transfer ownership of those assets to the trust—but can still maintain control over those assets while you are living. A trust also avoids that long and expensive court process known as probate, and allows you to transfer your assets upon your death privately and efficiently to your beneficiairies without court intervention.

Elder Law

Long-term care costs are increasing every year, and a plan that maximizes resources like Medi-Cal and VA benefits is a must. Elderly and disabled individuals can quickly find themselves draining their hard-earned assets trying to keep up with these bills. Our estate planning lawyers can help you use various estate planning tools—like a Medi-Cal Asset Protection Trust or VA Asset Protection Trust—to ensure you don’t go broke paying for long-term care.

Special Needs Planning

When you have a child with special needs, many variables must be considered for their future. Special needs planning ensures that—should something happen to you—your child will be cared for according to your wishes and receive the assets you set aside for them without disqualifying them from vital government benefits.

Tax Planning

Efficient tax planning keeps more money in your estate and, therefore, your family’s pocket. Why hand over your hard-earned money to the government when there are ways to reduce or eliminate your tax bill? We can keep you abreast of the most current and effective tax strategies for your specific financial situation and help you shelter that wealth with a customized tax strategy plan.

Wealth Preservation

It’s not about what you have but what you keep. Even after doing all the right things—working hard, investing, planning—it could all be lost to litigation, divorce, probate, etc. Though it may seem unlikely, you must plan for the unthinkable. Wealth preservation and thorough asset protection allow you to keep what’s yours regardless of what happens.

Probate and Estate Administration (and Why You Should Avoid It Like the Plague)

The true test of an estate plan is what happens when you’re no longer here—like whether or not your assets go through probate. Probate is the court-supervised process that settles a person’s estate after death. It is an expensive and extremely time-consuming process that can quickly drain your assets.

Think about it—when you pass away, your loved ones will be in a state of grief. They’ll be going through the motions, trying to piece together life after your death and the last thing you’d want is to have them hassling with the court over what you would have wanted, how your assets should be distributed, or, worse, have to deal with estate litigation. With thorough planning, you can avoid probate court, saving your family time, expense, and heartache.

Do You Need Estate Planning in Long Beach or Los Angeles County? Call Meier Law Firm.

Estate planning isn’t all gloom and doom. If anything, it’s the greatest act of love you can extend to those you care about. Between making sure your family is taken care of, keeping your head on straight, and juggling all of your other responsibilities, it’s amazing that you still find time to think ahead. Congratulations on taking the first steps toward a better tomorrow for your family—you’re making the right call. Let us take it from here, starting with a free consultation with our Long Beach estate planning attorneys at Meier Law Firm. Book a planning session or drop by our office at 450 Newport Center Dr. #625, Newport Beach, CA 92660, for a chat.

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FAQ: Long Beach Estate Planning

What are the five most common estate planning documents?

  • Revocable living trust
  • Pour-over will
  • Financial durable power of attorney
  • Healthcare power of attorney
  • Healthcare directives/living will

Why do estate plans fail?

Estate plans often fail for one reason: You didn’t update them. Whether an outdated beneficiary designation, forgetting to add new assets to a trust, or individuals named as power of attorney or successor trustee are no longer around, out-of-date estate plans can lead to legal issues. Your plan needs to change as your life changes.

How do you avoid probate in California?

In California, estates valued at more than $166,250 are subject to traditional probate proceedings. The best way to avoid probate is by establishing a revocable living trust which allows you to transfer your assets upon your death to your chosen beneficiaries privately and efficiently.

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